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Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan

A Medicare Supplement plan, offered by a private health insurance company, is designed to cover expenses that Medicare Part A and Part B do not.

  • It picks up your coinsurance while Medicare does not.

  • You pay a monthly premium for the plan.

  • Your doctor will bill Medicare and your Medigap plan.

  • You will not receive a bill unless it is a service that Medicare does not cover.

Medicare Supplement plans are identified by letters A thru N, each with different costs, benefits, and premium amounts. Each plan must offer the same basic benefits no matter which company offers it. Medicare Supplement plans do not include Part D prescription drug plans. You must purchase that separately.

Why would I want a Medicare Supplement Plan?
  • Freedom to see any doctor who accepts Medicare anywhere in the country.

  • Pay only one monthly fee for all services as long as they are covered under Medicare.

More about how Medicare works is in the Medicare Made Clear Show Me Guide
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