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Part D Prescription Drug Plan

The Prescription Drug plan (Medicare Part D) is often included with HMO, POS, PPO, PFFS, and Special Needs plans. This plan assigns medications to tiers which determine the amounts you pay out of pocket for each drug, while the plan pays for the rest of the cost.

  • Tier 1 - The least expensive drugs, have the lowest copayments
  • Tier 2 - Have fairly low copayment amounts
  • Tier 3 - Have medium copayment amounts
  • Tier 4 - Have the highest copayment amounts
  • Tier 5 - You pay one third (33%) of the cost of the drug
Why would I want a Part D Plan?
  • Additional help covering the cost of your prescriptions.
Stand Alone Part D Plan

These are prescription plans only. There is a monthly premium which sometimes includes the deductible or it may not. There is usually a formulary (a list of drugs) that are covered under the various plans. The majority of plans have a coverage gap or "donut hole" included. This is the time period when you are responsible for more of the cost of your drugs until you have reached the maximum out of pocket cost. Once that dollar amount is reached your drug cost will decrease significantly.

Why would I want a Stand Alone Part D Plan?
  • Your Medicare Advantage plan does not include a Part D plan.

  • Your Medicare supplement does not include a part D plan.

  • Help with the cost of your prescription drugs.

  • You incur expenses only when you use the services.

Be aware of the premium penalty for delaying Part D

Part D plans are totally voluntary, but there is a penalty in the form of higher premiums for Part D if you do not select a Part D plan as soon as you are eligible. (The penalty is explained in Questions.)

More about how Medicare works is in the Medicare Made Clear Show Me Guide
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