Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)

The Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D) is often included with Medicare Advantage plans. This plan provides additional help to cover the cost of your prescriptions. Stand-alone Part D plans, to accompany an Original Medicare plan, are available.

Enrolling in Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage is voluntary and optional, and you do not have to have a Part D prescription drug plan. However, if you decide not to enroll in Part D, it is important you be aware that there is a penalty per month from the time you first enroll in Medicare Part B until you finally enroll in a Part D plan. That amount can change each year. The penalty will apply to your premiums as long as you have coverage.

If you have questions about a Part D, Prescription Drug Plan or the Part D penalty, give Dee a call at (623) 251-6612 TTY:711

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